Jan 182013

3rd Annual Lace Up Pond Hockey Tournament
Southwood Community Association Rink
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
January 26, 2013

Divisions:  Men, Women, Coed must be 16+

-The purpose of the Lace Up Pond Hockey Tournament is to provide a fun, organized atmosphere for people to play recreational ice hockey at a local outdoor ice facility.
-This is a recreational tournament and should be treated as such.  -Teams will consist of three players with up to three additional subs.  -The games will be played on the ice with a lowered net and no goalies.
-One official will oversee each game.
-Games will consist of two 15 minute halves, with a five minute break at half-time.
-Each half will begin with a faceoff.  There will be no other faceoffs during the game.
-Helmets are required for participants under 18 years of age.  No equipment (besides skates) are required for adult players.  However, shin pads and helmets are advised for all participants.
-There are no offsides or icing.
-After a goal, the team that is scored on will be given 10 seconds to advance across half.  Once any player on their team crosses half, the other team may also cross half.
-When the puck goes out of play, the team that last touched it last will concede possession to the other team.  One player on that team will gain possession at the point where the puck left play.  He may not skate with the puck, but will be given a five foot radius for 3 seconds to shoot or pass.
-Good sportsmanship is expected of all participants.  Fellow players and officials must be treated with respect at all times.  Failure to do so can result in possession or a goal being awarded to the other team, at the official’s discretion.
-Infractions will never result in a short-handed situation.  Possession or a goal will be awarded to the team against whom the infraction was committed.

Official Pond Hockey Tournament Website:  www.laceuphockey.com

Please note that Pond Hockey Tournament details are subject to change. Always visit the official hockey tournament website for the most up to date tournament information.

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