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Polar Pond Hockey Tournament
Polar Pond Hockey Tournament

Hay River
Northwest Territories, Canada
March 15 – 17, 2013

Divisions:  Open, Women, Old Timers

This years event our 5th Annual proves to be best one yet. Defending Champions ” 3 toques and rubber boot” are returning to defend there title while the Moosehide Mama’s of Fort Simpson are looking to defend the women’s division title.

The event is located on fisherman’s wharf. Pond Hockey is a 4 on 4 game of hockey played with smaller nets and no goalies.  Rinks are 150 ft by 75 ft or 75% the size of a normal rink. Sportsmanship and fairplay are the name of the game and players are guided by these concepts more than the rules. However there are rules.
-No Slapshots, raising the puck is not necessary and saucer passes should be attempted with caution
-No goaltending, players are cautioned to stay out the crease
-Games are 30 minutes long with 2- 15 minute halves
-Teams will only be allowed to substitute a player after a goal is scored upon them. The player entering the game must enter the ice from behind their own net.
-Any blatant penalty will result in a goal for the team offended and they get possession of the puck.


6:00pm- Games begin- check online for full schedule details- ALL TEAMS PLAY FRIDAY NIGHT
6:01pm- Beverage Gardens Open
7:00pm- Free Chili and Bannock served in the tent
9:00pm – Gala Evening Begins with Live Band
11:00pm – Fireworks
12:00am – Prize Draw- Last year’s winner received a 52″ flat screen TV
*You have to be there to win*

Everything gets started at Noon
– Beverage Gardens is open
– Concessions will be open

10:00am – Playoffs Begin
2:00pm- Ladies Division Final
2:30pm- Old timers Division Final
3:00pm- Open Division Final*
* Winner has an entry into the World Pond Hockey Championships

Official Pond Hockey Tournament Website:   www.polarpondhockey.com

Please note that pond hockey tournament and event details are subject to change. Always contact the pond hockey tournament or event management directly for up to date tournament or event details and be sure to visit the Official Pond Hockey Tournament Website.

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